Thursday, July 26, 2018

Playing With Tim Holtz Botanical 3D Embossing and Distress MicroGlaze A Tutorial

Hello! Like so many out there, I have fallen in love with Tim Holtz 3D Texture Fades and can't stop finding new ways to use them. My favorite is Botanical (currently), and I've found a super easy way to make it look like worn painted carved wood (at least in my opinion). I started by embossing a panel of Classic Kraft Stock following Tim's tips and tricks video.

After removing the panel and drying it with my heat tool, I sanded it. I never sand directly on my craft mat, but on a piece of waste cardboard, so I don't damage my mat.

I use a tack cloth to remove any dust. I found this one new in the package at a yard sale; it's made especially for crafts.

Next, I swipe my Oxide pad directly onto the panel, from top to bottom.

After drying the ink, I blend the entire panel with Distress MicroGlaze. I keep a blending foam piece in the jar, so I always have it ready to go. This step deepens the oxide color. I could have stopped here, because it's just beautiful as it is, but I wanted to give the panel more depth.

I blend with Ground Espresso Distress ink, heavier at the edges, but working my way into the center. The MicroGlaze resists the ink, leaving just some on the panel.

I take a clean rag and buff the surface in a circular motion. This removes traces of the Microglaze and blends the colors.

  Here is my finished panel, which to me looks like carved wood that's been painted and time worn. I show some close ups below so you can see that gorgeous dimension these embossing folders create.

I liked it so much, I tried it with brown kraft stock.

How will you use your Tim Holtz 3D Texture Fades? For more inspiration, check out Tim Holtz Addicts Facebook Group where you will find daily inspiration for all of Tim's products shared by many talented artists.

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