Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Good morning, Halloweenies!

Here's a tiny taste of my display;  hopefully the rest of the show by midnight tonight.  Can't promise any earlier...big, busy day!

Have a safe day and night!

UPDATE:  Here's some photos!  This is not all of what we did; more done today, but not much!  I may post the additions.  Have a happy Halloween!

This chandelier turned out great on Halloween night.  I have toilet paper roll sleeves I have transformed into candles dripping with wax and I put flameless candles in them.  Forgot to take a photo.

My cauldron changes colors, bubbles and steams--couldn't capture it with the camera.

I added paper bats to my orange lit balls on Halloween night.

I have 5 of these very large votive holders.  I cut out mice to make creepy shadows.